I believe 3D modelling to be strongest skill, therefore I have decided for my final year project to create a 3D modelling showreel. The aim of the project is to produce a professional showreel that will help me break into this competitive industry. 

I will be focusing mainly on buildings, environments and vehicles. To help me achieve my goal I will be making use of a series of software packages. These are:

  • Maya – This software will be used for the modelling and rendering
  • Mudbox / 3D Coat – This software will be used for any necessary sculpting
  • Nuke – This  software will be for the compositing part of the project
  • After Effects – This software will be used for the editing part of the project

Idea research and development done

With my idea now finalised and ready to go, I have started to do some sketches and moodboards to further support my idea.

I have also been working on extensively on my group project, which has slightly delayed my progress in this project. However having now finished my part for the AGP part 1, I will soon be back on track with the help of my project plan.

 This week I will start to produce some concept art and a storyboard to help visualise my idea.

I will be uploading some photos soon, but that is all for today.

Final Year Project Blog

Hi this is my final year project blog. Any developments in my project will be posted here.

This will serve not only as progress tracking for my tutor, but it will also help me keep track of my own progress. I will later utilise this blog to help me write my final report.

That’s all for now