Practise-Based Research Project

For my final year project I have decided to undertake a practise-based research project. Practise-based research is a method of research aimed at gaining new knowledge and understanding by means of practise and the outcomes of that practise.

To further develop my knowledge and understanding of subject at hand, I will be researching new ways to improve my 3D modelling skills. I will learn new modelling techniques, different ways to texture using different software packages ( mudbox, photoshop, mari), different render settings and editing techniques.

I will them implement this knowledge by practising within the chosen 3D software package ( Maya) and editing software package(Nuke and After Effects).

The final outcome of the practise phase will be revealed through an artefact in the form of a 3D modelling showreel. The models will be shown by using turntables, allowing for a 360 views of the model

The main body of the project and the context of the newly acquired knowledge will be described in words, in the form of a professionally written report. However a full understanding of this project will only be obtained with reference to the 3D showreel itself.


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