Software and Hardware requirements

With the research and development part of the project completed the next step in my methodology is to research and acquire all the necessary software and hardware required to complete this project.

After some investigation I have concluded that I will utilize the following software packages:

  • Maya – will be used for the modelling, lighting and rendering part of the project
  • 3D Coat / Mudbox – will be used for any sculpting required
  • Mudbox / Mari – will be used for texturing
  • Photoshop – will be used for moodboard and concept art creation
  • Nuke – will be used for any compositing aspects
  • After Effects – will be use for editing and creation of the final artefact.
  • Microsoft Word – will be used to write the report

All the above software is provided by the university. Realising I did not have all the above software on my home computer I proceeded to downloading Maya and Mudbox 2014 from the Autodesk student  website. As for the other packages I will download the available free trials, and continue to work at the university when the trials expire. Having the same software at university and on my personal computer will not only allow me to work from home, but it will also avoid any compatibility issues.

With regards to hardware I believe the university computers to be equipped adequately with regards to the students needs. To keep up with the high demands and use of resources associated with 3D modelling and rendering, I have recently upgraded my home computer. I have purchased a new graphics card, and doubled my RAM capacity from 4GB to 8GB. I also have a powerful processor in place. Since the upgrade I have a noticed a considerably improvement in my machine.


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